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Welcome to, the best place to find out about legal gambling in the United States. We only focus on legal online gambling in the USA and other things that will help U.S. residents. Our goal is to teach our visitors everything they need to know about legal USA online gambling, online gambling laws, and legal gambling sites.

Everything here from the legal age to gamble online and in-person, to where online gambling is legal, to which US states allow gambling online, to the legalities of Internet gaming, to questions about the legalization and regulation of online gambling are provided on our pages plus more.

The gambling laws change on a regular basis throughout the United States and we aim to keep you up to date with everything going on for where you currently reside. We welcome you to browse through our website if you are looking for anything related to the legality of gambling for real-money on the web or even to find the type of gambling site you desire which will accept residents of your state.

Note About - All of the online gambling sites you see on our website accept USA players from all 50 states (except Bovada 45 states). That's right, all of them accept all players living in the United States. If you see a gambloing site listed here on, you can be assured that you will be able to sign up for free, easily make deposits as well as get paid in a timely fashion.

The fact that U.S. residents are welcome does not necessarily mean that these sites are "legal" however they are not going to get users into any trouble. We always recommend reading up on the latest gambling statutes in your state as they apply to online play because they are always changing.

We admit to not being professionals in the legal field but rather users that started out just like you which have learned the ropes and know what goes on in the industry. All of the content provided here is merely what we've learned through research and years of hands-on experience.

In no way is the information shown here meant to be interpreted as legal advice and we always recommend that residents use all available resources to find out if online gambling is legal; this website is simply one of those resources.

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Is Online Gambling Legal?

The million dollar question would appear to be "is online gambling legal?", and it is one that needs to be closely examined by each player.

The gambling laws are different in each state and they are sure to be rapidly changing with all of the things going on in the online gambling business. There are some states like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware that are going to be regulating online gambling so that they can make sure they get their piece of the online gambling revenues.

The bottom line is that USA residents can gamble legally at a large number of online gambling sites regardless of where they live. As always it will be important to look at the different laws in your area to see if online gambling is legal or illegal.

States often do not include "online" or "Internet" within their gambling laws which then leaves all web-based gambling in a grey area which is neither permitted or forbidden.

We can tell you that millions of U.S. residents gamble online everyday with no problem. So, Is online gambling legal? We'll let you be the judge of that.

Benefits Of Legalized Gambling

If you are one of those people who are on the bubble about the legalization of online gambling, you really need to get your facts straight and then decide.

Whether you are in favor of it or against the practice, millions of people want the right to gamble online without having a chance of going to jail or being fined, etc...

Why wouldn't you?

Legalizing online gambling in U.S. would do nothing but help the economy of the country and the individual states. State governments have already seen the potential profit from taxation of online gambling revenue and are already making provisions to regulate the industry.

If the practice would have been legal 10 years ago, the U.S. might not flailing in the end-less sea of debt it is currently in.

Furthermore, legalization means regulation. Regulated gambling sites would bring a lot of stability to an industry which was born with user-skepticism and a reputation that was soiled by a handful of rogue operators. Learn about the benefits of legal online gambling here.

Legal Gambling Age - Minimum Age To Gamble Online

We often get asked, what is the legal gambling age? The truth is that this number can fluctuate depending on where you currently live and sometimes even by the type of gambling which you are engaging in.

Most countries have one age that people must be in order to do any type of legal gambling, but that is not the case in the USA. The legal age to gamble in the United States varies greatly from state to state however most states set this age at 18 or 21 years old depending on the game. Those ages generally only apply to the land-based options for gambling within that state. For instance, if Massachusetts requires poker players to be at least 21 years old to sit at a live table in a state-regulated facility, an online poker site may only require that person to be 18 years old to play at their site.

Which one do you go by? Obviously if you are gambling at land-based operations then you need to follow the letter of the law. But if you are going for the online route, users need only to meet the age requirements of the website they're trying to use. These websites generally only require users to be 18 years old however some will default to the age to gamble in the player's state. Be sure to check the rules and conditions for each before joining.

Underage gambling online isn't a huge offense itself however to do so a player may in fact break other laws if they used a funding method without or even with the consent of someone that is of legal age. Furthermore, if underage users are able to get as far as the tables or sportsbook with real-money, they will eventually be exposed by the owner of the method used to fund the gambling account or by the operator when it comes time to make a cashout. If the owner of the funding method presses charges, you could go to jail. If the operator finds out, your account will be suspended along with all currency in that account.

Those that will get in the most trouble for underage gambling are those who produce fake identification or credentials when gambling at state-regulated operators. For instance, if you get caught gambling underage in a Vegas casino or sportsbook and produce false identification to prove your age, you could likely be arrested and have to pay heavy fines and penalties. Licensed in-state gambling operators take this seriously because they can be fined on a massive scale or even have their gambling licenses suspended for allowing the activity.

It is very important to know what the age requirement is in your state before you try to gamble at one of the online gambling sites we list. See our legal gambling age page for more details and a list of gambling ages in each state.

Online Gambling Laws

Most people that visit this site have no idea what they are looking for, whether it be a list of gambling sites that accept US players or a list of online gambling laws. That is why we have it all for you, including the list of online gambling laws broken down by state.

We have searched all over the internet so that we could list all of the gambling laws and gambling statutes for every state in the USA. Although they are not easy to understand, at least you can get an idea of whether or not gambling is legal in your state. We can tell you now, whether the law says it is legal or not, tons of people are gambling online in the USA every day and they do it in every state. The online casinos, poker rooms, and sports betting sites would not accept new US players if it were illegal because most online gambling laws deal directly with operators, not the players using them.

See our list of online gambling laws by state for detailed information about gambling laws for each state.

Legal Online Casinos

One of the most popular forms of legal gambling online is casino games, and we now bring you a list of all the best legal casinos that are perfect for USA players here.

These casinos give players the chance to play all of their favorite casino games from their own personal computer. They have all of the popular games like blackjack, online slots, craps, roulette, pai-gow, video poker and much more. At this time, there are three main operating systems for U.S. legal casino with the most popular ones being RTG, TopGame, and NuWorks brands. features all kinds of pages related to online casinos that are legal in the U.S. that will help readers find which ones are open to residents where they reside. Below we have listed a few of the top legal online casinos available for Americans along with links to the casino reviews for each one.

Manhattan Slots Casino is one of the best casinos that allows U.S. players for many reasons but perhaps the biggest is that they welcome all 50 states.

They have the best of everything, from RTG casino software, tons of casino deposit methods, fast payouts, tons of casino games, and much more. They also have a team there that can guide you through anything you need, whether you are playing for free or playing for real money.

Speaking of which, feel free to join Manhattan Slots and you can play for free so that you can test out the casino before you make a deposit. There is a ton we could say about Manhattan Slots, but the bottom line is that this is a great online casino that is legal for USA residents.

Lucky Red is one of the very best gambling sites that you will find, and the bonuses they offer are even better. Lucky Red accepts USA players from all 50 states as well as Americans living abroad.

Players will find that they accept a number of casino deposit methods here to make depositing easy. Use cards like VISA, American Express, MasterCard and other deposit methods like wire transfers, checks, prepaid cards, and OKPay to make deposits into Lucky Red.

When you find a way to deposit you can take advantage of their awesome bonus that will get you a 400% match bonus up to $4,000 on the first deposit for slots when using bonus code LUCKYRED400. Or, go for a 100% bonus good for $1,000 to use on most games using bonus code LUCKYRED100.

All in all, Lucky Red Casino is one of the best gambling sites that is legal for players at least 18 years old which is the age to be able to legally use the deposit methods accepted from Americans.

You have got to check out one of the oldest casinos on our roster that is open to all players living in the United States, Club World Casino. This fine offering from the RTG brand of casinos has been off and running with our seal of approval since the very beginning and here's why:

Club World is geared to get players going quickly with their easy sign up process, very simple deposit methods, and nice deposit bonuses which give players money right off the bat.

Players can easily find more information about the $777 deposit bonus package (bonus code: BIGSLOT) and the plethora of casino deposit methods they offer right on their homepage. Combine all that with the fact that Club World Casino is USA approved and you've got a winner on your hands.

Aladdin's Gold is our pick as one of the most trusted USA online casinos available, and for more reasons than one. First off, Aladdin's Gold is one of the U.S. gambling sites that accepts players from all 50 states. There are no restrictions on where you live, you are welcome to deposit.

The first thing players notice about Aladdin's Gold is their big casino bonuses. They offer a unlimited 200% online slots bonus for the first seven days. They also have blackjack bonuses, video poker bonuses, and more.

This is by far one of the top legal casinos online and we are certain that all players will be able to find what they need here in terms of deposits, withdrawals, games and friendly customer service.

Bovada is one of the most trusted USA online gambling sites around however it is important to note that Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada residents are unable to join this site; all other Americans are welcome.

Bovada features over 95 Vegas style casino games including blackjack, roulette, craps and many more plus a huge selection of video slots in all varieties. Video poker junkies will love all the variations plus classics which provide opporunities for any bankroll.

All new players can receive up to 200% in casino bonuses worth up to $500 for slots. Bonus code SLOTS500 is required when making the first deposit through VISA, or Rapid Transfer (wire transfers) which are only accepted forms of deposit right now at Bovada Casino.

Bovada also features an awesome online sportsbook, a top-notch racebook and a popular poker room in case you are sick of playing casino games which makes having an account here an all-inclusive pass to online gambling.

Slots.LV Casino is exactly the type of online gambling site that we like to promote here on because they accept players from all 50 states and territories.

This is a new USA casino that is listed as one of the top legal online casinos on just about every gambling portal you will find. They feature casino games like blackjack, video poker, craps, and many more for a total of over 100 high caliber games that can be played for real-money.

All gamblers that sign up for an account will get a 100% bonus up to $500 on the first 10 deposits they make. Also, they will have a chance at other bonuses and promotions like free trips to Vegas.

The best thing about Slots.LV is that they accept prepaid cards and several other deposit methods, and major credit cards like VISA. Pretty much anything branded with a VISA logo works here.

Best Sites For Legal Casino Play Casino Bonuses Software Bonus Codes Visit
Lucky Red Casino Review 400% to $4,000 RTG LUCKYRED400 VISIT
Club World Casino 100% to $777 RTG BIGSLOT VISIT Casino Review 100% to $500 (10x) RTG HELLOSLOTS VISIT
Aladdin's Gold Casino Review 200% For 7 Days RTG N/A VISIT
Slots Jungle Casino Review 100% to $1,000 (10x) RTG JUNGLEWELCOME VISIT
All Star Slots Casino 100% to $787 RTG ALLSTAR1 & 2 VISIT
Manhattan Slots Review 100% to $747 (2x) RTG N/A VISIT
Las Vegas USA Casino Review 200% to $1,000 RTG USA1000 VISIT
Buzzluck Casino Review 100% to $868 Nuworks BUZZLUCK VISIT
Old Havana Casino Review 200% to $5,000 RTG OHC125 VISIT
Bovada Casino Review 100% to $500 (4x) RTG SLOTS500 VISIT

Above is a list of all the top online casinos that are legal for all USA players to gamble at. We also have a large number of other resources available to you if you are looking for legal onling casinos. We have a list of all the best casino bonuses available so that you get the most out of your deposits. We also have other sections like our mobile online casinos, Mac online casinos, casino deposit methods, casino reviews, and much more about legal online casinos. Take a look through our site to find all of these things and more.

Legal Online Sports Betting

Another one of the most popualr forms of legalized online gambling is legal sports betting websites. Legal online sports betting is one of the most talked about forms of gambling out there. The USA is yet to regulate legal sports betting so that they can tax it and all, but there is a large number of sports betting sites that are legal for USA players to gamble at.

Legal online sportsbooks allow bettors to get bonuses that are not offered at land based sports betting sites and they often offer better odds. Another perk of playing at legal online sportsbooks is the fact that they allow you to buy point, which no Vegas sportsbooks do.

Take a look around our site for a wide variety of information about other online gambling sites that have sports betting. Below is a list of the top legal sports betting sites that we recommend to our visitors.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports From Your Computer?

If you decide to take your sports betting hobby online to one of our most highly recommended bookmakers, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be breaking any laws if you use an offshore sportsbook to place wagers on your favorite team. Whether they are legal or not from a federal perspective is a question that is always in flux, as demonstrated by the May 2018 decision by the US Supreme Court decision to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). However, the fact remains that online sports betting sites are as safe to use as going to the window at a Las Vegas bookmaker or any other land-based sportsbook operation that may become legal in the future.

The key concept to take away from this discussion about legally betting on sports using a computer is that the majority of online sportsbooks that allow bets from the U.S. are not actually based inside of the United States. Instead, these bookmakers are established and licensed in other countries, outside of the laws that regulate, or rather prohibit, online sports betting in the U.S. This means that, should these overseas operations decide to allow US bettors to participate in wagering at their sites, then the US federal government has no recourse against them, being that – obviously – federal laws do not apply to the activities of foreign countries.

Even in states where online gambling is starting to become legalized, sports wagering is one area that hasn't really been approached yet in a large scale, though there are some states that have included online sports betting into their general gambling expansion plans in the wake of PASPA being overturned. This could be for many reasons, but we can guess that the decision to move legal gambling on sports into the online realm comes down to the fact that offshore sportsbook sites are where a large proportion of the online gambling revenue currently lies. State legislatures around the country are starting to realize that it would be foolish to not make provisions to include it with their current or newly minted sports betting legalization and regulation legislation.

In the meantime, US citizens can use any of the online sportsbooks that we have reviewed here on If we recommend them, they are open to American bettors and in many cases primarily serve US players, so you should not have any reservations about doing your betting at any of these sites. Many of these sites, like the ones you see in the table immediately below, are reputable betting sites where you will not get in trouble for betting on your favorite sports, teams and events.

Live Sports Betting ~ 50% Welcome Bonus Good To $250 First Deposit ~ Most Americans Can Bet

Of the sports betting websites that service U.S. residents, Bovada has to be one that is thought of before most any other. That's because this bookmaker has a backing that is unrivaled by other sites in this market. It's trusted, it's safe, and people know them, but that's not the only reason they are listed here... they also have everything you could ever want to wager on and then some. But before we go any further, know that residents of Delaware, Maryland, new Jersey, and Nevada will not be allowed to sign up here so we suggest any of the other fine options we've listed instead.

All the reasons to join Bovada are there. They have all the major American sports leagues, tons of different wager types that include live betting, their mobile section is very clean and works with numerous devices, but most of all, Bovada is the most professional online bookmaking operation that welcomes U.S. residents.

Everything done at Bovada shows their commitment to the U.S. player whether it be their friendly deposit methods, their generous welcome bonus, or their easy sportsbook cashout methods. The bottom line is that if you want to make a bet on a game, or a particular team, Bovada is a site that will facilitate that need provided you currently live in one of the 47 states accepted here.

Bonuses For Life: 25% Match Bonus Good For Up To $900 On Every Deposit ~ All USA Accepted

There is not near as many legal online sports betting sites as there should be, and not all the ones online are trustworthy. We have tested all of the sports betting sites that are legal and have found BetOnline to be as good as any of them, or better.

BetOnline is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks available, and they are one of the best online sports betting sites available to USA players. All new players that sign up will be able to get a nice deposit bonus and there is also tons of reload bonuses and other promotions available to loyal customers.

This is one of the best legal online sports betting sites available and players from all 50 U.S. states are permitted to join and bet real cash on the sports they love to watch; bet on the teams they cheer for with passion. Visit BetOnline

Legal Sports Betting Sites Sportsbook Bonuses Legal Where? Visit
Bovada Sportsbook Review 50% To $250 Bonus No DE, MD, NJ, NV VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook Review 50% To $1,000! Players From all 50 states Accepted VISIT Review $1,000/50% in Bonuses Players From all 50 states Accepted VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% To $520 Bonus Players From all 50 states Accepted VISIT
WagerWeb Sportsbook Review Up To $1,000 Free Players From all 50 states Accepted VISIT

Legal Online Poker In The United States

The most popular form of legal online gambling is playing at legal online poker rooms. Even trusted online poker rooms are not our favorite gambling sites, but there is hundreds of thousands of people that play legal online poker everyday. We do not trust that the poker rooms are as fair as live poker and that is why we do not brag about how good legal online poker is.

We do recommend that if you are looking for the best legal online poker rooms that you stick with the bigger ones. They often have a better financial background and your chances of getting screwed are a lot less. You will find all of the information you need about legal online poker here like laws, restrictions and more.

Below is our recommended list of legal online poker rooms to play at.

Legal USA Poker Sites Max Bonuses Legal Where? Visit
Bovada Poker $1,000 - 100% 46 States - No Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada Visit
BetOnline Poker Up To $900 Open To Residents Of All 50 U.S. States Visit
5Dimes Poker No Deposit Bonus Open To Residents Of All 50 U.S. States Visit
SportsBetting Poker 15% / 25% - $900 Open To Residents Of All 50 U.S. States Visit

FAQ'S About Online Gambling And Online Gambling Sites

We get alot of questions about the legalities of different types of online gambling in certain states. We have listened and we now have answers to all of the most popular questions for each state. Here are the links to the main pages that will lead you to where you need to go. Of course, reading our online gambling laws is the most reliable way because the information comes straight from the state websites.

Legal Online Gambling In The USA

We get alot of questions about the legalities of different types of online gambling in certain states. We have listened and we now have answers to all of the most popular questions for each state. Here are the links to the main pages that will lead you to where you need to go.

Most of the players that ask us about legal online gambling in The United States are asking us, is online gambling legal in the USA?. The answer to this question in short is yes, but there is a number of things you must know. Right now there is millions of Americans that gamble online each year. The reason they are able to do this is simply because onling gambling is not illegal in the USA. Sure, it is not regulated, but that does not mean it is illegal. How do you think that all of the pros in the USA play on Full Tilt and other gambling websites? They do it because it is not illegal.

The USA passed a bill called the UIGEA several years ago, but it has nothing to do with whether or not players will go to jail for gambling or not. The UIGEA focuses on banks processing transactions to online gambling sites, but that has not effected the legalities of online gambling in any way. All it done was make it a little harder to complete a transaction into whateve legal USA gambling site your playing at. But, there is still plenty of online gambling deposit methods to choose from like OKPay casinos and prepaid cards. was designed to give USA players all of the things they need to know so that they can find the perfect gambling site that has what they need. We focus on all kinds of different things to help players know what the best legal USA gambling sites are. US players will find everything from gambling deposit methods, to state laws, list of online gambling sites accepted in each state, legal gambling ages by state, and more. We also have a large number of online gambling articles that are sure to help you to know more about the facts of legal USA online gambling. Browse through our website to find all the things you to to know.

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    Mona Casino is a great new offering from Topgame that will really have USA players wanting more. They have great bonuses including a 25% cashback bonus or a 5 part 400% match bonus that gives up to $2,000 spread out. Mona has all kinds of great slots plus all the games you'd expect to find in any high caliber casino.

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  • Legal Online Blackjack

    If you are just wanting to find a place to play some legal online blackjack, then you can try out any of the legal online casinos offered to you. We list the most trusted legal online casinos that have reputations for being the best. There is over 100 online gambling sites that players can opt to play online blackjack.

    Legal Online Slots

    One reason that players love legal online casinos is because they offer legal online slots to players. Slots at online casinos are just as good or better then the ones you play at a land based casino. There is bonuses to be collected that can not be had at land based casinos that can get you thousands of dollars in online gambling bonuses.

  • Why Gamble Online

    There is so many perks to online gambling in comparison to land based casinos that it is not even funny. First of all there is the bonuses. No regular casino that I have ever walked in has ever gave me a 400 - 500% bonus just for walking in the door. Same goes for sportsbook and poker bonuses that can be received at legal online gambling sites. Another reason to gamble online is the fact that you dont have to leave your house. You can sit on the couch butt naked and spin the slots or bet on sports. There is more reasons to spend your money at gambling sites if you really want to break it down.