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Don't let the name fool you – regardless of what else it may be, is a Poker Site! Reading the introduction, one can sense the enthusiasm and excitement of the people who created this site for poker lovers in the U.S. and beyond.

At, we bring you reviews and recommendations of sites that offer safe, secure and legal online gambling opportunities to citizens of the U.S. When we looked into the offerings at, we were pleasantly surprised, and we're sure you will be as well.

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker For Real Money At SportsBetting?

Curacao is a small, independent nation in the southern Caribbean not far from the coast of Venezuela. English and Spanish are both considered "national languages", and the island has a thriving banking and technology industry, that complements its tourist-friendly atmosphere. Those qualities extend to, based in Curacao, which welcomes U.S. players with open arms. Because it is not regulated or bound by U.S. federal law, players in the U.S. may play with confidence at, knowing that it is safe and legal.

Getting Started At SportsBetting Poker Room

This five step process is clearly delineated right on the home page, making getting to the table quick and easy. You'll start by registering some basic personal info and creating a password, answering some security questions and picking an "alias", designed simply to protect your privacy, which the site guards zealously.

The next step is to download the site software which will not only allow you to head right to the poker tables, but also take part in some of the sites other legal wagering activities. The software will, we assure you, be deemed safe by your Norton or MacAfee security, and even the more advanced firewall protection systems now being incorporated in some PC and Mac programs.

How Many Users Does SportsBetting Poker Have?

One of the older, more well-established legal online gaming sites in the world, boasts more than 1 million accounts currently in good standing. That means as many as 3,000 people, on average, are wagering at the site every day. Something has to get them there. In the case of, it has to be the opportunity to win. No site offers more ways to do this than

Tournaments paying out guarantees from $7,000.00 to $25,000.00 are common, and popbonues and freerolls give regular visitors regular opportunities to come out ahead. 3,000 people a day know this – you should, too.

SportsBetting Poker Deposit Methods

Deposit Options


Western Union


Money Order

Cashier's Check

Since credit is a non-starter at any legal online casino, before you play for real money, you have to deposit some. To do this at is easier than at some sites. Visa and Mastercard, both debit and credit, are widely used and usually accepted. Sometimes a retentive bank officer will block these transactions out of caution or confusion. When that happens, players can turn to Western Union or Moneygram. These rather ancient cash transfer methods are accepted but sometimes carry fees.

According to its website, Poker also accepts EZVoucher, administered through Paste and Pay. While adding a step to the deposit process, this prepaid "gift card to yourself" allows you to open your account without providing banking information.

Can you play poker for free at SportsBetting poker?

Yes, but this site does not make a big deal out of that. Your invitation to play for free is not nearly as blatant as those found on other sites. offers many low-stakes games designed for new and/or inexperienced players, and we figure they think that should attract folks who otherwise would want to play for free. But free play, on a limited basis, is available.

SportsBetting's Online Poker Deposit Bonuses + Promos

How does "Bonus For Life" sound? Sounds like a Florida lottery game, but actually it's's unique bonus program that pays 25% on every qualifying deposit up to $900.00, and pays after only a 6x rollover, instead of the standard 30x. The poker room offers other weekly bonuses and promotions that can greatly enhance a player's betting power. There are even weekly tourneys that pay you back 15% when you lose. These people want you to stick around, wouldn't you agree? Oh, by the way…don't forget to claim your neatly wrapped welcome package – see the poker home page for more details!

Poker Games + Formats Found At SportsBetting Poker

Poker Games

Texas Hold'Em


Omaha Hi/Lo

7 Card Stud

Stud Hi/Lo

All your favorites, which for the time being is almost exclusively Texas Hold 'Em, are offered at But Razz, Omaha, Stud and more are there as well. Card players are as popular as sports bettors at, and the bonuses and promotions paid out, sometimes $150,000.00 per month or more, prove that in fine fashion.

The game formats are fairly standard for the industry, with one exception – Sunday always feature a World Series of Poker "sit and go" tourney with a $7,000.00 guaranteed payout.

Stakes will vary depending on the game and the day. Unfortunately, this is one area where the site is lacking in specifics, and a live chat request at Customer Service was put on hold. We suggest you call the Customer Service Department at 888-843-9027 with specific questions.

SportsBetting Poker Payouts + Withdrawal Methods

Payout Methods

Check Options

Western Union


Bank Wire

Money Order

This is an easy place to win some money, if you're not just really snakebit. After winning, you may want some of that money. Getting it is not too complicated. While you can't collect on your Visa account, you can have transfer funds via direct bank wire transfer. This is preferred because of speed. Moneygram or Western Union Rapid Transfer is also safe and secure. It will take a little longer. An e-mail or fax request for a certified cashier's check will often, but not always be honored, and if it is, players can expect their funds within 2 to 4 weeks.

Other Ways To Legally Gamble At SportsBetting

Well, consider the name. Sports betting is definitely popular here – but so is casino gambling, pari-mutuel betting, and even skill games. By "skill games" we're talking about play for pay Yahtzee, dominoes, Gin Rummy and Spades.

In short, this is a gamer's site, designed for and by lovers of exciting and legal gambling fun.