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One of the newest and best up-and-coming spots to play for real money and bet online for slots and other casino games is The name is simple, but what is offered on site is much more than that. is a branch off of one of the most respected and trusted companies that operate some of the biggest gambling sites around.

With being very new to the scene, there is plenty of interest and attention that is surrounding it. Many of these questions will be answered on this page, in a review of Readers will be able to find out all that is offered on site, including specifics about important parts of the entire process if one were to sign up for an account and play the games that can be found.

Is Legal For USA Players?

Absolutely!!! In fact, players from all over the world are accepted here but the U.S. is their specialty. Unfortunately, players from all 50 states will not be allowed... but 47 is still pretty good. If you live in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, or Nevada, you will need to seek an alternative like Lucky Red Casino or another recommendation. But, if you live anywhere else, you can consider to be one of the best legal gambling sites available today. Casino Casino Software + How Sign Up / Get Started

The backbone of any online gaming site is the software that is used to run it. For, that software happens to be Real Time Gaming. This is the best of the best. RTG controls just about every aspect of the site, including what games are offered, the graphics on site, the speed and efficiency of operation, and more. RTG online casinos are renowned as the highest quality that you will find, and that is exhibited at

Upon entering, you will be able to check out the different online casino games that are available, including the graphics of the site plus how quickly the games play with no interruption in the connection.

From the standpoint of those who want to sign up at, if it takes you more than 60 seconds that'd be a surprise. It's very basic personal information needed, to create your login and password. Your email will be your primary method of communication between the site and your account. Once the account has been created, the process would then lead towards a deposit to play for real money on site at the different games. Welcome + Deposit Bonuses

As with any online gaming site, offers their players bonus options to take advantage of if they so choose. On site players will be given the choice of a slots bonus, a table games bonus, or both if they want to go that route. There are different stipulations to claim the bonuses at

For the slots bonus, since this is a slots site after all, there is a 100 percent match with the maximum capped out at $500 using the code HELLOSLOTS. But bettors are able to collect on this bonus 10 times if they want to. The rollover is set at 25X. This means that whatever amount a player deposits plus the bonus that is received from that deposit will need to be wagered 25 times before a player can withdraw it.

For the table games bonus, the amount is equivalent to the slots bonus, though with subtle difference. For one, it's not 10 times that it can be redeemed, but only two, with the code HELLOGAMES attached. Second, it has as 40X rollover. Casino Bonuses Bonus Received Bonus Code Visit
Slots Deposit Bonuses 100% to $500 - Collect It 10 Times!!! HELLOSLOTS VISIT
Table Games Bonuses 100% to $500 - Collect It 2 Times!!! HELLOGAMES VISIT Deposit Methods - How To Deposit offers several different casino deposit options to play with real money on slots and table games. Below you will find some specifics about what the process is to deposit with each, as well as what to expect when depositing.

VISA - offers players a Visa card deposit. But the good news is that it's not limited to credit cards. There is the option of a debit card, gift card, and a prepaid card if they have a Visa logo on it. There is a $20 minimum and a $500 maximum deposit per transaction.

Western Union - Players have the chance to use Western Union as well, where a $100 minimum deposit is required but can go up to $5,000. This is nice for big players or small players. Any fees for a WU transfer are covered by the site if the deposit exceeds $300.

MoneyGram - A MoneyGram option allows players to deposit into in amounts ranging from $100 to $5,000 if they choose. One MoneyGram deposit per seven days is the maximum. Depositing with wire transfers usually through instantly and fund your account by the cashier on site.

How Long Do Payouts Take?

One of the most commonly asked questions for an online gaming site has to do with payouts. But we aren't just talking about the method - we are taking about the time it takes to withdraw your winnings from your account and back to you. For, two of the three options take less than two days to receive your winnings! That's pretty fast.

The Western Union transfer and a MoneyGram are sent to the player within 36-48 hours on average, which means that the payouts happen very rapidly. For the check option, it takes only a few weeks to receive, anywhere from 10 to 20 business days. This is sent directly to the player's address on the account information they entered. Payout Methods

The choices that gives for paying players are similar to the deposit options that are offered, though with a few differences. Players will find that both wire transfer options are still available, but no credit card option exists which is normal even at the best online casinos that are legal.

Checks - The check payout option takes the place of the Visa deposit offer when funding an account. Players have the chance to get one free check deposit per month, with a $20 minimum withdrawal to a maximum of $3,000. For more than one withdrawal per month, there is a $50 fee attached.

Western Union - WU payouts can get to a player in as little as 36 hours, and generally before two days. Players will need to withdraw at least $100 to use this method, and capped at $2,000. The fees that come with a WU transfer go up as the amount withdrawn goes up, anywhere from $40 to $150.

MoneyGram - The minimum withdrawal amount of $100 equals WU transfers, but for MoneyGram that maximum amount is only $800. Similar to Western Union, the fees go up the more money that is being paid out; though the highest fee here is $60.

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