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If you’re not an online poker player, the word “Bovada” probably means nothing to you. If you are familiar at all with the world of legal online poker, you know exactly what Bovada means – simply put, a poker lover’s dream come true. Players from all over the world join in the games at Bovada, and players in almost all U.S. states are always among them.

Today at, we’ll provide an extensive review of this popular online poker destination, answer frequently asked questions and provide insight as to what to look for in a quality, legal online poker site.

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker For Real Money At Bovada?

Bovada is the North American offshoot of online poker giant Bodog, and is based in Canada. Almost all U.S. citizens are welcome to Bovada’s legal poker tables, but certain restrictions apply. Because of Canada’s trade agreements with certain states, citizens of Washington state, Maryland, and New York can’t open accounts at Bovada. For all other U.S. citizens, the virtual doors are open.

Getting Started At Bovada Poker Room

The best way to get started at Bovada is simply follow the instructions. In fact, log on to and you’ll see a tab near the top of the page that says, “Getting started.” It download. This will put the safe, award-winning RTG software to work for your poker playing pleasure.

Next, you’ll be guided through the account set-up and registration process, which is as simple and straightforward as any you’ve done online countless times. This will include personal identity verification information and banking information. You’ll then determine how much you wish to deposit into your account, and you’re on your way.

How Many Users Does Bovada Poker Have?

At any given minute of the day, it is estimated that Bovada has 5,500 people in its virtual “lobby”, and more than 2,500 playing in any of the many ongoing games and tournaments, making Bovada the fastest growing online poker destination and one of the five most visited in the world. The attraction is fairly easy to understand – the site is upscale, sophisticated and comprehensive. Bovada also is acclaimed for the speed in which U.S. players are able to collect their winnings, an all-important consideration for any serious poker player.

This knowledge is important because claims made by some sites are hard to verify and often even harder to believe. Bovada makes its numbers known simply to demonstrate that many are learning what a great online poker experience looks like by visiting Bovada.

Bovada Poker Deposit Methods

Deposit Options

Credit - VISA only

Debit - VISA only

Gift - VISA only

Western Union


While the site lists many deposit methods, only a few of these are available to U.S. players. While the vast majority of accounts are created with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, some banks in the U.S. carefully watch these transactions and block anything that looks related to gaming.

U.S. players have other options if their credit card transactions are denied. Bovada will also accept bank wire transfers. Your bank may not honor your credit card request but inexplicably send your funds electronically to an account number provided by Bovada. Western Union is also available, as is Moneygram. These transactions may involve fees, but those fees are often reimbursed once you begin to wager your deposit funds.

Can you play poker for free at Bovada poker?

Sure you can. In fact, it’s encouraged, especially for newcomers. Playing for free allows you to become comfortable with the site, the games and the strategies, while getting a feel for the skill level of the other players involved. Remember, at Bovada and other legal poker sites, it’s often not just you against the house. Some really good poker players pop in at Bovada, so go ahead and practice, hone your skills and ante up.

Bovada's Online Poker Deposit Bonuses + Promos

Bovada welcomes new players with a 100% match bonus on the first deposit up to $1,000.00, if you use the bonus code 174352. Besides the welcome bonus, Bovada will pay a matching 100% up to $100.00 for referring a friend to the table.

Poker Games + Formats Found At Bovada Poker

Poker Games

Texas Hold'Em


Omaha Hi/Lo

7 Card Stud

Stud Hi/Lo

Well, this is, after all, why you visit the legal online poker sites – the games. Bovada, an affiliate of the World Series of Poker, is one the places that helped propel Texas Hold ‘Em into the spectator sport phenomenon it has become. Besides the Hold’Em tourneys, which are going on 24 hours per day, players can sit down with an international group of poker aficionados enjoying seven card stud, Omaha, blackjack and more. In the site’s “features” and “articles” sections, you’ll also find tips from the experts on ways to master each of these challenging games for maximum return on your wager.

For the first-time visitor at Bovada's online poker site, it is easy to find yourself a little overwhelmed when faced with the wide choice of gaming formats. An average of 80 tournaments are ongoing at any time, and include multi-table tourneys, large prize pool tourneys, and freeroll tourneys, with stakes constantly rolling over and growing. A dedicated gamer with a bit of skill and a run of luck could soon be playing for as much as $15,000.00.

The stakes always depend on the game, and Bovada offers options for the novice, with low stakes and limited raises, and high-stakes options for expert-level players, and nothing is left out. Straddles to string bets, if it can be done, it is done at Bovada Poker.

Bovada Poker Payouts + Withdrawal Methods

Payout Methods

Check By Courier

Western Union


Bank Wire

This is where it gets fun, because this is why you play. While many payout options are listed only a few are available to U.S. players. Credit cards cannot be credited, but bank wire transfers are available. That’s assuming your bank will cooperate. If not, Moneygram and Western Union wire transfers can be authorized. These will usually put your money in your hand in 24 hours or less. Finally, if speed is no issue, you may request a check. Bovada is good at this, and your money is often to you in less than a week.

Other Ways To Legally Gamble At Bovada

Poker lovers Paradise that it is, Bovada is not just a poker site. This is a full-line casino offering slots, table games and numbers games and tournaments. Bovada also features a highly-respected sports betting franchise that is considered the fastest-growing sports book among U.S. legal sports bettors.

When considering jumping in to a legal game online, whether it’s casino gambling, sports betting, or everyone’s favorite, poker, it’s never a bad idea to visit Bovada first.