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There are plenty of online sports betting sites out there to pick from, but one of the ones that we think you should consider is WagerWeb's online sportsbook. The sportsbook at WagerWeb gives players the chance to bet on a ton of great sports, especially for players in the United States. WagerWeb has odds for dozens of sports, and has easy ways in which bettors are able to deposit into their accounts to play for real money.

Exactly what can be found through using WagerWeb is what we want to get into further below, discussing the relevant sections and terms to become familiar with. This will give you the information heading into WagerWeb so that you will be able to see for yourself and connect the dots to the odds and services on site.

Is WagerWeb Legal For USA Players?

WagerWeb is legal for bettors in the United States. While online sports betting is limited in the U.S., offshore sportsbooks like WagerWeb thrive. This is because bettors from the U.S. are able to legally create an account and bet real money on sites, whereas they would be unable to do so in their own state because of federal law. WagerWeb does not operate in the United States and therefore gives bettors a viable and legal online betting option.

Key Facts About WagerWeb Sportsbook

WagerWeb Sportsbook Deposits

USA Legal Deposits

Western Union



Money Order


You'll certainly find some commonalities in looking at different sportsbooks accepting U.S. players and the deposit methods that they offer. With WagerWeb, they have most of the typical methods of deposit, but also some unique ones which really make this a great place to fund an account.

From a credit card standpoint, WagerWeb accepts American Express and Visa. To deposit with this, the card number and information for an online credit card transaction is needed. But of course this isn't the only option. In fact, Western Union wire transfers and MoneyGram are also a great choice to go with, rapidly funding the account. And finally there is the EZ-Voucher option, which eliminates the need for information on a card or bank account number, and just requires the pin number to be entered from the purchased voucher through Paste and Pay.

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WagerWeb Sportsbook Bonuses

WagerWeb Bonuses

100 % Up To $1,000 On First Deposit

Bonuses play an important role in the sportsbook process, because they can reward players for choosing to deposit with a particular site. In the case of WagerWeb, there are plenty of bonus opportunities to take advantage of.

First, you have to split the bonuses into two groups right off the bat. This is determined exclusively by the method used to deposit. If you deposit with a credit card, you are eligible for a certain bonus. If you deposit through another method you are eligible for a separate bonus. This is obviously done because credit card deposits are the most commonly used funding method on site.

Sports Available To Bet At WagerWeb Sportsbook

Specializes In...


College Football

College Basketball


NBA Betting

Live Wagering

Specific to the sports that are on the docket to bet at WagerWeb, bettors will be most pleased with what they have to pick from. That's because WagerWeb covers sports betting from a variety of different angles, even within a sport. Expect to find all of the sports you want as USA players will have the pick of the litter during the different times of the season.

Of all the sports, football is the most popular, but basketball and baseball aren't far behind. After all, baseball presents the most betting opportunities because of the long season and the fact that teams place at least twice as many games as any other league.

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Betting Types Available At WagerWeb Sportsbook

WagerWeb Wagering

Straight Wagers



If Bets

Plenty of different bets can be made at WagerWeb. If you like to place a straight wager, there will be plenty of chances to do so. Outside of that, there are a range of wagers that can be made, highlighted by parlays, teasers, and pleasers and a whole lot more. Bettors will be more than satisfied with the selections of wagers thare are available to them.

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Other Important Features To WagerWeb Sportsbook

WagerWeb has some great features to their sportsbook, which includes live betting and the chance to place a mobile bet. Live betting put bettors inside the game action while it is being played. Not all games are available for live wagering, but many of them are.

As far as mobile betting, WagerWeb doesn't want their bettors or those interested in signing up to be without the ability to get on to the sportsbook if they aren't in front of their computer. This is where mobile betting from your mobile device comes into play. WagerWeb is compatible with apple devices, Androids, and more, and will automatically adapt to the screen format from your phone when you sign on and give full access.

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