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Long considered one of the premier sports betting sites, BetOnline is fast becoming one of the most popular poker sites on the web. The motto of the site is simple – "BetOnline – because you can." So true – you can indeed, for the doors of the poker rooms at BetOnline are always open for U.S. citizens looking for a legal gambling site and an exciting way to enjoy poker – everyone's favorite game.

Here at, we're dedicated to bringing you all the information and insight necessary to help you find a site that is safe, legal and stimulating. We think you'll agree that BetOnline meets those criteria – in spades.

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker For Real Money At BetOnline?

You bet it is, and you'll win that bet. This Panamanian-based site accepts players from all fifty states and the District of Columbia. In fact, the site is designed with the U.S. market in mind. Players from the U.S. who download the BetOnline software will find themselves in an environment reminiscent of the best American casinos.

Getting Started At BetOnline Poker Room

BetOnline does the same things to get you rolling that other sites do, although not necessarily in the same order. Step one is registration – here you'll provide your personal information, banking information, and state your preferences for deposit methods and amounts.

Next, you'll download the software provided by industry-leader RTG, acclaimed not only for its incredible graphics, which put you in the room, so to speak, but also its intense security apparatus. No security system on your PC or Mac will deny this software download. Then follow the installation instructions, pick a table and ante up. You are ready.

How Many Users Does BetOnline Poker Have?

Here's an example of the growing popularity of BetOnline's exciting legal online poker offerings – the site features hourly freeroll poker tourneys with a maximum of 3000 players. Almost every table is full, for every tourney, twenty-four hours a day. Other games and tournaments are ongoing at a variety of skill levels and good site setup allows you, for the most part, to guide yourself to your destination. If you're having problem navigating, BetOnline has some of the best customer service reps in the industry available all day and all night.

If you need a little more convincing as to why so many people are flocking to the site, check out the payouts, always available on the site and updated hourly. Winners win, and those not so fortunate come back for another shot, because this site is not only safe and legal, it is exciting and fun.

BetOnline Poker Deposit Methods

Deposit Options


Western Union


Money Order

Cashier's Check

While the site lists many deposit methods, only a few of these are available to U.S. players. While the vast majority of accounts are created with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, some banks in the U.S. carefully watch these transactions and block anything that looks related to gaming.

BetOnline will provide deposits to be made via bank wire transfer, which some banks will do even if they don't allow you to set your account up with your debit card. This has to do with U.S. laws specifically written for credit and debit cards. Moneygram and Western Union wire transfers are also accepted. These often include a small fee, but BetOnline is one of those sites that will reimburse account set up fees for active players.

Can you play poker for free at BetOnline Poker?

Go ahead, enjoy for a little while without worrying about your account balance. It's a great way to determine if the site is one you enjoy (we're sure it will be), but it will provide an opportunity to determine your skill level as compared to the hundreds or thousands of people you may run across during your legal poker room visits. And we like the way this is set up – according to the Terms and Conditions of the site, "If the client would like to test the system, will provide the client with a demo account." We like being clients, instead of customers, or worse, marks.

BetOnline's Online Poker Deposit Bonuses + Promos

Clients can take advantage of a variety of bonuses. Welcome bonuses, freeroll bonuses, weekly promotions and tournament boost promotions, sometimes unannounced until game time, make the site even more exciting and appealing.

Poker Games + Formats Found At BetOnline Poker

Poker Games

Texas Hold'Em


Omaha Hi/Lo

7 Card Stud

Stud Hi/Lo

If it involves dealing cards, it's available at BetOnline Poker. The wait time at Texas Hold 'Em is usually acceptable, but stud, Omaha, blackjack and more are always being dealt someplace on this site and seats at the table are often empty.

Squeeze in, and while doing so check the board for the hourly tournaments. Pop freerolls, turbo freerolls, European Nooners, all include free buy ins and big payouts for a lot of players – all legal, all fun.

The stakes vary with the games and the skill levels of the players at the table. The online equivalent of "Penny Ante" poker can be found at BetOnline, but rest assured that big-time players and big-time stakes can always be found at BetOnline. For the best information on how to work these factors to your advantage, BetOnline offers a poker primer that includes not only basic info, but detailed strategies aimed at the poker pro. Use this beneficial information and increase your winnings.

BetOnline Poker Payouts + Withdrawal Methods

Payout Methods

Western Union


Check Options

Bank Wire

Money Order

We really hope you're always a winner. Of course, that's not possible. But when you do win, your account is bulging and you're anxious to get that new four-burner gas grill, your money is available in a variety of ways.

Your bank won't let BetOnline credit back to your Visa or Mastercard, but may honor a direct bank transfer from your account at BetOnline to your bank account at home. Some players may choose to have funds provided through Western Union or Moneygram. Each of these is reliable, may cost a little money, and will take 24 hours to show up. BetOnline will also issue cashier's checks. The check is always good, when you can get it – sometimes that takes two to four weeks.

Other Ways To Legally Gamble At BetOnline

Originally known as one of the world's premier online sports betting sites, BetOnline is truly a full-service gambler's site. A first class casino is available, providing access to a wide variety of legal online casino-style games like craps, roulette and slots. Of course, the sports betting still reigns supreme. And this site, based in the banking capital of South America, will entertain bets on everything from Wall Street futures to political races.

If you like the idea of being a "client", if you like first-class service and support, and if you love the challenge and excitement of legal online poker, casino games and more, BetOnline is waiting for you.