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5Dimes provides bettors the chance to play some great online poker in a variety of different formats, for a variety of different levels of players, all geared towards wagering real money. 5Dimes has been around for two decades and in that time has risen above most other poker rooms as one of the best that you will find.

The things that separate 5Dimes from many poker sites lies within the features and services offered within this room. At LegalGambling.net you will find a complete review of 5Dimes Poker, stemming from the games that can be played to the methods that deposits can be made, and more.

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker For Real Money At 5Dimes?

5Dimes is one of many web-based poker sites where U.S. players can enjoy the thrill of filling an inside straight in a legal, safe fashion. Players in all fifty states are always welcome at 5Dimes' poker site. However, there is one caveat. Due to some unique transactional restrictions, legal players in Washington state, Maryland and the District of Columbia are severely limited as to the ways in which they can fund their deposit accounts and receive payouts.

Getting Started At 5Dimes Poker Room

At 5Dimes, we start with registration, and it's a process as simple as any you've ever completed to engage in business via the internet. Fill out the fields on a one page form, provide some banking info, and create your password.

Now you're ready to download the software, that source of pride for the newly-revamped 5Dimes Poker site, and the only thing left to do is grab a virtual chair at the table of your choice and ante up.

How Many Users Does 5Dimes Poker Have?

Off-peak hours will generally find 3,500 to 4,000 people enjoying the tables and the winnings at 5Dimes. This legal poker site is one of the 5 most visited poker rooms online. Peak times, weekends, Friday evenings can cause that number to climb to as many as 16,000 people. If you have to wait for a chair, well, now you know why. But that's unlikely, considering the number of games and tourneys they have running 24/7 at 5Dimes. That's the attraction – the many games offered means big action, lots of it, for stakes running from pennies to really big bucks.

5Dimes Poker Deposit Methods

Deposit Options

Credit - VISA only

Debit - VISA only

Money Order

With the exception of the states/regions we referred to in our discussion of legality, all the standard methods available to U.S. players at offshore sites are available at 5Dimes. Visa and Mastercard are preferred methods and overwhelmingly approved. Periodically, a hold-up occurs due to overzealous bankers misreading U.S. law regarding bank transactions. If that happens, players may opt for direct bank wire transfers, which are the only method available to also be used. These take a little longer, and there's sometimes a fee involved. That fee is often reimbursed in the initial deposit process.

Can You Play Poker For Free at 5Dimes Poker?

Yes. Encourage it, they do. Glad to have you. Of course, account setup is still required, but once that's done, and you've gotten a taste of the 5Dimes experience, you'll be opening you cash account soon enough. They're confident of that.

5Dimes's Online Poker Deposit Bonuses + Promos

5Dimes is just not big on bonuses for when players deposit into 5Dimes Poker. The operators of this popular casino site simply believe that ongoing promotions are a better incentive. Wednesdays feature a $150.00 buy-in tourney with a $15,000.00 guaranteed payout. That's just one example, and these change frequently. Customers and players at 5Dimes should make a habit of checking in to see what's new, and when we hear of something extraordinary going on, we'll let you know.

Poker Games + Formats Found At 5Dimes Poker

Poker Games

Texas Hold'Em


Omaha Hi/Lo

7 Card Stud

Stud Hi/Lo

5Dimes is proud of their poker, and lists all the games, all the tournaments, with detailed descriptions of each. Not only will you find the ever-popular Texas Hold 'Em, but Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Hi-Lo, pot limit and no-limit Hold'Em, and the fast-moving Australian favorite, 32-card poker.

The stakes vary, but as we mentioned, as a legal poker site 5Dimes features popular table limit, pot limit and no limit hold 'em games, as well as third-card winners in hi-lo games. Buy-in minimums range from $3.00 to $150.00, depending on the day and the game.

5Dimes Poker Payouts + Withdrawal Methods

Payout Methods


Certified Check

Money Orders

5Dimes offers a couple of different payout methods that can be had by account holders. The quickest way to receive a payout from 5Dimes Poker is through what is called the Debit Card Funds Application. This is a method that puts the payout right on the debit card of a player, which is in the form of a Visa or MasterCard.

Outside of the DCFA, there is a money order and a check option that also comes along with 5Dimes. These methods take longer to be received, but they are available for those who do not have a debit card available or prefer not to use one.

Other Ways To Legally Gamble At 5Dimes

What's your preference? Slots, or Acey Deucey? Like the horses, or the cars? Spin the wheel, or roll the dice? Actually, you can do it all at 5Dimes. This is nothing if not a full service gamblers site.

It's legal, safe and secure. Its website is easy to navigate and the games are fun and fair. Policies are straightforward and client service is second to none. All that being said, we can't help but recommend strongly you spend some time at 5Dimes.