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South Dakota's legislators have compiled an extensive set of gambling laws. The South Dakota gambling laws cover an extensive of information, ranging from the operation of slots and bingo games to card games and other activities. They have even made it a point to include some sections about online gambling. While their laws may seem limiting, we are not the ones you should talk to about caveats of these laws. After all, we are not lawyers. The one thing you will want to take note of in the South Dakota Online Gambling Laws mention those who are in the gambling business, which may or may not cannotate the legality of online gambling in the state. If you want clarification of the South Dakota Gambling Laws, however, we advise you speak to an attorney.

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Our site is to show you where you can gamble, not tell you if it is legal. We are not lawyers and are not providing legal advice. We simply recommend legal gambling sites based on whether or not they accept South Dakota residents, rather than South Dakota Gambling Statutes.

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South Dakota Gambling Statutes

22-25-1. Gambling defined--Keeping gambling establishment--Letting building for gambling--Misdemeanor. Any person who engages in gambling in any form with cards, dice, or other implements or devices of any kind wherein anything valuable is wagered upon the outcome, or who keeps any establishment, place, equipment, or apparatus for such gambling or any agents or employees for such purpose, or any person who knowingly lets any establishment, structure, place, equipment, or apparatus for such gambling is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor

22-25-6. Unlawful betting on animal races as common nuisance--Petty offense. All racing or trials of speed between horses or other animals for any bet, stake, or reward, except such as is specifically authorized by law is a common nuisance. A violation of this section is a petty offense.

22-25-13. Keeping slot machines--Free play machines excepted--Misdemeanor--Manufacture not prohibited. No person may have in his possession, custody, or under his control or permit to be kept in any place under his possession or control, any slot machine or device. A slot machine or device is any machine upon the action of which anything of value is staked and which is operated by placing therein or thereon any coins, checks, slugs, balls, chips, tokens, or other articles, or in any other manner as a result of such operation anything of value is won or lost by the operation of such machine, when the result of such operation is dependent upon chance. This section does not extend to coin-operated nonpayout pin tables and arcade amusements, with free play features. A violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor. This section does not prohibit the manufacture, or any act appurtenant to the manufacture, of slot machines or devices in this state for distribution and sale.

22-25-25. Bingo and lotteries permitted for restricted purposes--Conditions. The game, bingo, as defined in § 22-25-23, or lottery, as defined in § 22-25-24, may not be construed as gambling or as a lottery within the meaning of § 22-25-1, if: (1) The bingo game or lottery is conducted by a bona fide congressionally chartered veterans' organization; a religious, charitable, educational, or fraternal organization; a local civic or service club; a political party; a volunteer fire department; a local industrial development corporation as defined in § 5-14-23; or a political action committee or political committee on behalf of any candidate for a political office which exists under the laws of the State of South Dakota; (2) The proceeds therefrom do not inure to the benefit of any individual; (3) No separate organization or professional person is employed to conduct the bingo game or lottery or assist therein; (4) No compensation of any kind in excess of the state minimum wage per hour or sixty dollars, whichever is greater, in value is paid to any person for services rendered during any bingo session in connection with the conduct of the bingo game or in consideration of any lottery. However, the provisions of this subdivision do not apply to games or lotteries conducted in connection with any of the following events: a county fair conducted pursuant to § 7-27-3, the state fair conducted pursuant to chapter 1-21, or a civic celebration recognized by resolution or other similar official action of the governing body of a county, municipality, or village; (5) No prize in excess of two thousand dollars is awarded at any one play of bingo; (5A) The actual value of any lottery prize is stated before any chances for the lottery are sold. A lottery prize of a stated amount of dollars in value may be given to a person who sells a winning lottery ticket or share as long as the winning lottery ticket or share is selected at random; (6) The organizations authorized under subdivision (1) of this section, before conducting a bingo game or before selling any chances for a lottery give thirty days' written notice of the time and place thereof to the governing body of the county or municipality in which it intends to conduct the bingo game or lottery, and the governing body does not pass a resolution objecting thereto. However, any organization that conducts a lottery and tickets or shares for such lottery are sold state-wide shall provide written notice of such lottery pursuant to this subdivision only to the secretary of state and to the governing body where the drawing for such lottery is held. A municipality pursuant to § 9-29-5 may by ordinance prohibit within the municipality the sale of lottery tickets or shares for such lottery issued pursuant to this section; and (7) No organization authorized to conduct a bingo game or lottery under subdivision (1) of this section may enter into any lease or agreement with any other person or organization to provide equipment or services associated with the conduct of a bingo game or lottery. However, this subdivision does not apply to any lease or agreement with a distributor licensed pursuant to §§ 22-25-28 to 22-25-51, inclusive, to provide bingo or lottery equipment and supplies.

22-25-26. Unauthorized bingo or lottery as misdemeanor. Any person who conducts bingo or lottery in violation of § 22-25-25 is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.



22-25A-1. Bet or wager defined. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, bet or wager, means to directly or indirectly take, receive, or accept money or any valuable thing with the understanding or agreement that the money or valuable thing will be paid or delivered to a person if the payment or delivery is contingent upon the result of a race, contest, or game or upon the happening of an event not known to be certain. Bet or wager does not include the purchase, sale, or trade of securities or commodities under state or federal law.

22-25A-2. Gambling business defined. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, gambling business, means a business that is conducted at a gambling establishment or involves the placing, receiving, or making of bets or wagers or offers to engage in the placing, receiving, or making of bets or wagers.

22-25A-3. Internet defined. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, internet, means the international computer network of both federal and nonfederal interoperable packet switched data networks.

22-25A-4. Interactive computer service defined. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, interactive computer service, means a service, system, or network or access software provider that uses public communication infrastructure or operates to provide or enable computer access by multiple users to a computer server, including a service or system that provides access to the internet.

22-25A-5. Person defined. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, person, means an individual, association, partnership, joint venture, corporation, or a director, executive, or officer of an association, partnership, joint venture, or corporation, a political subdivision of this state, or a department, agency, or instrumentality of this state, or any other government, organization, or entity, including an Indian tribe.

22-25A-6. State defined. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, state, means this state, including a territory, possession, county, and land owned, occupied, or held in trust for an Indian tribe, whether or not federally recognized as an Indian tribe.

22-25A-7. Internet betting by person engaged in gambling business prohibited. Except as provided in § 22-25A-15, no person engaged in a gambling business may use the internet or an interactive computer service to bet or wager.

22-25A-8. Establishment of internet gambling business prohibited. Except as provided in § 22-25A-15, no person may establish a location or site in this state from which to conduct a gambling business on or over the internet or an interactive computer service.

22-25A-9. Violation if gambling originates or terminates in state--Each bet a separate violation. A violation of § 22-25A-7 or 22-25A-8 occurs if the violation originates or terminates, or both, in this state. Each individual bet or wager offered in violation of § 22-25A-7 or from a location or site that violates § 22-25A-8 constitutes a separate violation.

22-25A-10. Violation a felony. Any person who violates § 22-25A-7 or § 22-25A-8 is guilty of a felony as follows: (1) For a first offense, a Class 6 felony; (2) For a second or subsequent offense, a Class 5 felony.

22-25A-11. Prosecution of violations. The attorney general or the state's attorney for the county in which a violation under this chapter occurred, may prosecute violations of this chapter.

22-25A-12. Notification of illegal web site and penalties. The attorney general may notify a gambling business that its web site is illegal in this state and list the penalties for violating this section.

22-25A-13. Preliminary restraining order available as condition of bond. The attorney general or state's attorney may seek, and the court may enter, a preliminary restraining order enjoining a person from transmitting bets or wagers or information to assist in the placing of bets or wagers as a condition of bond pending trial or other disposition of the case.

22-25A-14. Permanent injunction available against guilty party. If a person is found guilty or pleads guilty to a charge brought under this chapter, the attorney general or states attorney may seek, and the court may enter, a permanent injunction against the person or gambling business enjoining the person or gambling business from transmitting bets or wagers or information to assist in the placing of bets or wagers.

22-25A-15. Inapplicability of chapter to state lottery or commission on gaming. This chapter does not apply to the South Dakota Lottery and its licensees, who are engaged in conduct in furtherance of activity expressly authorized, licensed, and regulated under the provisions of chapter 42-7A or to the South Dakota Commission on Gaming and its licensees, who are engaged in conduct in furtherance of activity expressly authorized, licensed, and regulated under the provisions of chapters 42-7 and 42-7B.

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